What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is custom fit to your area of choice and welded at the ends to remove the need for a clasp. Whether you are going for a dainty minimalistic look, or a bolder approach, the result is a piece of jewelry completely unique to you, that holds up against the nuances
of everyday life.

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How does it work?

After choosing your favorite chain and charms, we measure you to ensure your preferred size/fit, and add a tiny jump ring to weld together the ends of the chain. After a quality check, you are all set! The entire process takes around 15 minutes.
We currently offer a variety of chains in 14k gold, 14k gold-fill, and Sterling Silver, as well as various charms to accessorize your exclusive design.

  • Gold Filled

    • Bracelets $65+
    • Anklets $75+
  • 14K Solid Gold

    • Bracelets $120+
    • Anklets $150+
  • Sterling Silver

    • Bracelets $55+
    • Anklets $65+

We offer a large selection of charms & beads ranging from $5-20 depending the metal type.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The process takes between 5-15 minutes, depending on your design.

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary, but guarantee a reserved time slot for your
jewelry. We recommend making an appointment especially when getting more than one
piece of jewelry put on.

What if the chain breaks or stretch?

If your piece breaks in a 30-day window, we are happy to repair it free of charge!
After that, we charge around $10-15 depending on the item.

What about airport security?

You won’t ever get asked to remove fine jewelry when going through TSA, so no
worries, your jewelry travels with you!

What about X Rays?

If you need to get an x-ray, you can cut your piece at the weld spot, and we will put it
back on for you with no charge.

Do you offer group discount?

Yes! Permanent jewelry is always a more special memory with loved ones. Reach out
to us, and we can discuss our group pricing options.

Does it hurt?

Nope! When we put on your jewelry, we use high heat on the chain only to weld it shut. You shouldn’t feel a thing!

Please note:

We do take walk-ins however appointments are prioritized and taken first.
We recommend booking an appointment in advance to secure your spot. If you are more than 5min late to your appointment, you will need to wait for the next available opening. If you are thinking to get multiple permanent jewelry pieces done, you will have to book an additional appointment for each piece. Appointments are for one person at a time only.
All permanent jewelry is final sale.

Thank You, and see you soon!